Second Generation FIT® Fecal Immunochemical Test - Kit of 20

If you are a doctor or another type of health care professional who does colon cancer screenings, Pinnacle BioLab’s 20-pack of FIT tests can provide you with the convenient colon test kits you need at the right price. Our colon cancer test kits contain 20 tubes and 20 cassettes, all individually wrapped and stored at room temperature with a two-year shelf-life.   Second Generation FIT is simple to perform, and the results are ready in five minutes —with national reimbursement rates at $21.55 on CPT code G0328QW or 82274QW for commercial payors.

The Second Generation FIT clinical pack is perfect for health clinics, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities, and widely used by family practitioners, OB/GYN’s, Internal Medicine doctors, and urologists.

FIT Tests: Accurate, Safe & Convenient

Pinnacle BioLabs Second Generation FIT fecal immunochemical test are 97% accurate, with 98% sensitivity and 96% specificity. The American College of Gastroenterology recommends FIT tests for colorectal cancer detection, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Cancer Society both classify FIT tests as an acceptable colorectal cancer screening method.

These tests, which require no preparation or dietary restrictions, look for the presence human hemoglobin in fecal matter, an indicator of colorectal cancer and other diseases. Blood is a warning sign because it is believed that the blood vessels in large polyps or tumors are delicate and more often cause bleeding with stool passage.

While people can sometimes see blood in their stools, much more often it is not visible to the naked eye. Pinnacle’s Second Generation FIT colon cancer test can detect microscopic amounts of blood in the stool. While blood in the stool does not always mean colorectal cancer — it could point to diverticulitis, polyps, irritable bowel syndrome or another type of pathology — getting a positive test result means the patient should see their doctor.

It can be nerve-racking for patients to wait to find out if they have cancer, but delivering the news in a sensitive manner can help. What can help tremendously is assuring patients that cancer is only one of many possible diagnoses and that even if it is cancer, catching it early means the prognosis is good.

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Colon Cancer Test Kits Are a Top Preferred Screening Tool

Pinnacle BioLabs FIT tests are an excellent tool that can help healthy patients postpone an invasive, unpleasant and difficult colonoscopy. All people 45 and over should get a baseline colonoscopy at some point. However, if there are barriers in the way of getting the test — including noncompliance — an at-home colon cancer test kit can be a good temporary substitute. A positive result may motivate the patient to undergo a colonoscopy.

People who have a higher risk of developing colon cancer can use these at-home colon tests yearly prophylactically. Order your 20-pack of FIT tests from Pinnacle BioLabs today, and help defeat colorectal cancer in the U.S.

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