At-Home Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Test

At a glance:  This test examines and maps 200 foods with our next generation microarray Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Test. This test includes a wide and comprehensive range of foods including dairy, eggs, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts, wheat, legumes, meat, seafood, vegetables and spices.  Tax Free and Free Shipping.  Free return shipping to the BioLaboratory included as well.

A Comprehensive, Personal Guide to the Foods You Should Avoid.

Approximately 12% of Americans have one or more food allergies or intolerances that a health professional has confirmed, and  it's estimated that 23% of the world population will live with three to five food sensitivities, allergies, or intolerances that will go undiagnosed their entire lives. Food sensitivies and intolerances cause a range of symptoms affecting mood, appetite, skin, digestive health, and physicial health. The Pinnacle BioLabs HomeLab FSIT200 is a laboratory-based system which utilizes an innovative, colorimetric microarray-based ELISA technology for the measurement of food-specific IgG antibodies in a finger-prick sample of blood collected at home.

200 substances are analyzed and mapped using your home collected finger-prick sample, including grains, legumes, dairy and eggs, meat, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and spices and herbs. Continue scrolling for the complete list of tests, by food category.