Second Generation FIT® 1 Pack

At a Glance:  The Pinnacle BioLabs Second Generation FIT® test is reliable, accurate, and affordable. As the  #1 selling colon cancer screening test in the United States for six straight years, the Second Generation FIT® Fecal Immunochemical Test is a proven and recommended colon cancer screening test used by doctors and hospitals nationwide - now available over-the-counter. The test is easy to perform in the comfort of your own home and results are ready within five minutes.  With Second Generation FIT®, no prescription, doctors visit, or mailing a sample back to a laboratory is required.  Second Generation FIT® is tax free and ships free.

The World’s Most Advanced Colon Cancer Detection Test

 Second Generation FIT® is the revolutionary test to aid in the detection of colorectal cancer that is fast, accurate, and easy to use. The same advanced biomarker that hospital labs and physician's offices use is available in the privacy of your home, with no diet or medicine restrictions, and no samples to return. Results are ready to interpret in five minutes. Scroll down to learn how easy Second Generation FIT® is to use.

Second Generation FIT® features nanogram-level accuracy, detecting globlin levels at 50 ng/mL (50 billionths of a gram). The American College of Gastroenterology recommends a FIT test once per year, and recognizes the fecal immunochemical test as the number one alternative to colonoscopy.³ In fact, in a recent study of over 26,000 patients, FIT caught more colon cancers than colonoscopy did.⁴  Continue reading below to see what peer reviewed journals, gastroenterologists, and publications say about Second Generation FIT®.