Second Generation FIT® Colon Cancer Test 2 Pack SMS OFFER

At a glance:   Second Generation FIT® is the same fecal immunochemical test used by doctors and in hospitals for colon cancer screening.  Highly accurate:  98% sensitivity and 96% specificity. Results are ready in five minutes.  No prescription or doctor's visit necessary.  Tax free and free shipping.

The World’s Most Advanced Colon Cancer Detection Test

Second Generation FIT® is an at-home colon cancer screening test utilizing the same biomarker as our clinical kits - used by doctors and hospitals nationwide - bringing laboratory-grade diagnostics direct to your home. Second Generation FIT® detects globin antibodies at cutoff levels of 50 ng/mL, or 50 billionths of a gram with 98% sensitivity and 96% specificity.

In 2014, the Second Generation FIT® test was FDA cleared to aid in the detection of colorectal (colon) cancer, colitis, diverticulitis and other lower GI disease states. There are no diet restrictions, no medicine restrictions and the entire test is performed in the privacy of your own home in about five minutes. Additionally, Second Generation FIT® does not require a prescription or doctor’s visit.

Second Generation FIT® and other fecal immunochemical tests have been used in clinical settings in large hospitals and teaching institutions with great success. The FIT test has been featured in more than one hundred studies, which has lead to the American College of Gastroenterology, the American Gastroenterological Association, the US Joint Preventative Task Force and the American Cancer Society recommending FIT for colon cancer screening, with outcomes similar to screening with colonoscopy. Continue reading to see how the Second Generation FIT® test is changing the landscape of colon cancer screening for all average risk people.

If you have a family history of colorectal cancer, your physician may recommend colonoscopy ten years prior to the onset of your family member’s cancer diagnosis. There are other medical conditions you may have which make this the right choice.

Second Generation FIT® is the affordable, accessible test available without a prescription that is right for most average risk persons. Results are easy to interpret and the test can be performed quickly and intuitively with easy-to-understand instructions. Experts agree that the best colon cancer test is the one that gets done, which is why you can find Second Generation FIT® at CVS stores, RiteAid stores,,, and always our best price, tax free and with free shipping on our flagship site.

Cancer prevention tests have the potential to image both cancer and polyps, whereas cancer detection tests have low sensitivity for polyps and typically lower sensitivity for cancer compared with that in cancer prevention tests (imaging tests). The ACG supports the division of screening tests into cancer prevention and cancer detection tests, but recommends a preferred cancer prevention test—colonoscopy every 10 years (Grade 1 B) and a preferred cancer detection test—annual fecal immunochemical test (FIT) to detect occult bleeding (Grade 1 B). Full text at