HomeLab PSA7

At a glance:  HomeLab PSA micro is an at-home PSA test. Collect 3-4 drops of blood and return to the lab for processing. There are no additional costs on this all inclusive PSA test, which includes pre-paid return shipping. Results are delivered in an intuitive email report.  Tax free and free shipping.

PSA lab test from Pinnacle BioLabs

Simple, Easy, and Accurate. HomeLab PSA micro® is the smallest whole blood sample available for PSA testing.  Simply lance the finger and apply three to four drops of blood on the provided Qcard. The sample can be collected in less than 3 minutes at home.  No lab appointment or doctors visit necessary.  HomeLab PSA micro® results correlate exactly to traditional laboratory results, with reports emailed back within five days.  The Prostate Specific Antigen test is the recommended test for men, at or above age 50, who want to be screened for Prostate Cancer, according to the American Cancer Society and The US Joint Preventative Task Force. 

prostate cancer infographic

HomeLab PSA micro® is a first of its kind home prostate specific antigen test requiring only 3-4 drops of whole blood from a finger prick, done entirely at home.  Studies show PSA testing cuts the chances of developing advanced prostate cancer by roughly 30 percent and the risk of dying from the disease by about 20 percent.  Utilizing a lancet and a Qcard, patients can effortlessly provide an adequate sample to determine prostate specific antigen levels from the privacy of their own home.  Pinnacle BioLabs reports exact values back via a HIPPA secure email. 

To perform the test, lance the finger and capture three to four drops of blood onto the Qcard.  Once the blood is collected, place the card and the consent form into the pre-paid envelope and return to Pinnacle BioLabs.Click here to watch the video on how to collect the specimen and return your sample.  HomeLab PSA micro® results are provided in an intuitive, interactive email. PSA testing is recommended by The US Joint Preventative Task Force on average risk males beginning at age 50.  Use the same test as physicians, hospitals, and labs do, in the privacy of your own home quickly and accurately without a prescription or seeing a doctor.  HomeLab PSA micro® is tax free and ships free.