psa micro from pinnacle bolabs home psa test

PSA micro® is a first of its kind Home Prostate Cancer test requiring only three drops of whole blood from a finger prick.  Utilizing a lancet and mini-collect blood collection tube, patients can effortlessly provide an adequate sample to determine the presence of elevated PSA in blood.  Pinnacle BioLabs utilizes the industry standard 4ng/mL cutoff level.  PSA below 4 ng/mL are considered low risk, while Prostate Specific Antigen levels above 4ng/mL are considered elevated, and further conversations with your medical professional is recommended.  

PSA test kit contents

To perform the test, lance the finger and capture three drops of blood in the blood collection tube.  Once the blood is collected, place the vial and the requisition and consent form into the pre-paid envelope and return to Pinnacle BioLabs.  In three days, your results will be emailed via our secure servers.

normal result


PSA micro® is available with no prescription and no visit to the doctor.  It is ideal for those who are over 50 and have not had a recent PSA test, and those who wish to monitor PSA levels on a regular basis.  Get it now with free shipping.