AGA Screening Statement

American Gastroenterological Association Colon Cancer Screening Statement

Advantages of FIT include its noninvasive nature, 1-time sensitivity for cancer of 79% in 1 meta-analysis, fair sensitivity for advanced adenomas (approximately 30%), and low 1-time cost (approximately $20). FIT is recommended annually in the United States. The MSTF has recently issued detailed recommendations on the technical performance of FIT and considers FIT an essential element of the CRC screening armamentarium for all practitioners. FIT is commonly the test of choice in programmatic screening, an excellent second choice for practitioners using sequential testing who offer colonoscopy first, and should likely always be one of the tests included in a multiple-options approach. Disadvantages of FIT include the need for repeated testing, which can be problematic in the non-programmatic (opportunistic) setting, and poor or no sensitivity for serrated class precursor lesions. However, there is no evidence that cancers arising through serrated class lesions are less likely to bleed than those arising via adenomas.

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