July 13, 2021 3 min read

The popularity of at-home colon cancer test kits continues to grow. The ease and convenience of testing for colon cancer at home makes this approach highly preferable to the alternative of going in for a colonoscopy.

Although home colon cancer test kits are not appropriate for every person or in every situation, these simple screening tests are helping many people take control of their preventive health care monitoring.

The advantages of testing at home are significant. You do not have to empty the colon in advance of the test, so none of the unpleasant prep is necessary. You do not have to undergo anesthesia to have the test done. And, finally, since you collect your sample at home, you do not have to visit any medical facility to do the test.

Despite all the advantages, people are always a bit wary about what’s involved in collecting a stool sample for home colon cancer testing. Today, you have two basic types of test kits to choose from: Stool DNA test kits and fecal immunochemical (FIT) test kids. Here’s a bit about how each type works.

Collecting a Sample with Stool DNA Test Kits

When you receive your DNA test kit, it will contain a sample collection container and, depending on which kit you select, a variety of other items designed to facilitate sample collection and preparation.

One of the most popular stool DNA test kits come with a plastic bracket that attaches to the toilet bowl rim, beneath the seat. This bracket contains a center receptacle into which you place the sample collection container. Once the container is in place, the user sits down and has a bowel movement into the container, taking care not to allow any urine to toilet paper into the container. The sample must not exceed the size of bottle of preservative that is provided with the kit.

After removing the sample collection container from the bracket, the user must use a provided plastic probe to scratch the surface of the sample, the return the probe to its container. Finally, the user empties the bottle of preservative liquid into the sample container and closes the container lid.

The sample is not ready for shipping to the designated testing facility.

Collecting a Sample with FIT Test Kits

To collect a sample for a FIT test, the user has a bowel movement normally, without any special collection containers. The stool sample is collected from toilet paper after wiping normally. The user removes the provided wand from the tube in which it was enclosed and, using the end of the want, collects a small fecal sample from the toilet paper, then returns the wand to the tube and screws the cap back on. The user then shakes the tube for three seconds and places three drops from the tube into the sample well of the provided testing cassette.

In five to 10 minutes, the testing cassette provides the test results.

It is important to understand that every test kit has its own directions. You must follow the provided directions carefully, to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible.

The Pinnacle BiolabsSecond Generation FIT® test – the one for which instructions were provided above – is one of the most comprehensive ways to do at-home colon cancer screening today. This test kit is extremely simple to use and provides results immediately, right in your own home.

Contact us to learn more or you can purchase your FIT colon cancer test kit right here on our safe and secure website.