June 09, 2021 2 min read

If you’re considering an at-home colorectal screening, you might be wondering how to choose the best at-home colon cancer test.

Home testing for colon cancer offers a more convenient way to accomplish this critical health screening. For many people, colon screening at home is more accessible, more affordable and less daunting than going in for a colonoscopy. However, it’s important to determine whether this is an option for you.

If home screening is appropriate for you, the next step is figuring out how to choose the right test.

Is an At-Home Colon Cancer Test Right for You?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that adults should begin undergoing colon cancer screeningat age 45 and be re-tested at regular intervals until at least 75 – longer if your doctor recommends it. However, many people younger than 45 should also undergo screening if they face increased risk factors or if their medical treatment provider so recommends. Anyone who experiences symptoms should also undergo screening.

A colonoscopy is only one of several options to accomplish this critical screening. You should always talk to your doctor about which approach is right for you. But, the CDC states that at-home stool testsare also a viable option for most people, at least as a first-line approach.

Types of Colonoscopy Home Kits

Today, you have several options for doing an at-home colon test.

One type of at-home screening, which you might have seen ads for, involves collecting a small fecal sample and sending it off to a lab for testing. Another option requires collecting an entire bowel movement and sending it to a lab for testing.

The fecal immunochemical (FIT) test does not require any invasive or overwhelming sample collection, nor does it require sending anything to the lab. In fact, this simple screening returns results within five minutes.

Why Get the Second-Generation FIT® At-Home Colon Cancer Test?

This fecal immunochemical test is known to be highly sensitive, accurate and dependable. Even better, it is quick and simple to use. You don’t need a prescription, nor is any visit to the doctor’s office required. Finally, this test is highly affordable – less than $30 for a two-pack, with free shipping the U.S. You can purchase at-home colon cancer tests onlinein minutes.

Compared to many of the alternative tests that you might see advertised, the Second-Generation FIT® screening test is actually used in labs and hospitals across the U.S. It has also been used in a variety of large clinical trials.

The Second-Generation FIT® from Pinnacle Biolabs is the world’s most advanced at-home colon cancer test kit. No matter what age you are, getting tested is the most effective way to detect early-stage colorectal cancer. Contact us know to learn more, or to purchase your fecal immunochemical at-home colon cancer test kit.