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The Worlds Most Advanced Colon Cancer Test.

Pinnacle BioLabs manufactures point of care in-vitro diagnostics tests such as Pinnacle 10 SG Urinalysis, our drug of abuse test kits, and Second Generation FIT™, the most advanced Fecal Immunochemical Test available.  Pinnacle also performs high-complexity toxicology testing for urine drug screens and markets the novel Archon Lung Cancer Test utilizing a small blood sample and featuring much increased accuracy over traditional CT Scans.

A Simple Blood Test for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer.

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The Most Advanced Biomarker for Colon Cancer Detection

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Laboratory Grade Accuracy | 12 Illicit and Prescription Drugs


Fecal Immunochemical Test remains the preferred Colorectal Cancer Detection Test: A retrospective study

October 02, 2015

Second Generation FIT caught more than three-quarters of colon tumors, and were very good at ruling out the cancer. Read More
FIT vs. stool DNA testing: The FDA weights in on the controversial new test

October 02, 2015

In fact, I will argue that it is a better test for your patient who is not completely against screening but would prefer to avoid colonoscopy if possible because 1) its false positive rate is 5% versus 13% for Cologuard and therefore it carries a lower risk of leading to an unnecessary colonoscopy, and 2) it is currently covered by all insurance carriers. Read More
Fecal Immunochemical Test most effective CRC Screen says new study

October 02, 2015

Although it may seem counterintuitive that screening with FIT could be even more effective than colonoscopy, this is due to the more frequent screening interval with FIT.
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